Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another racist pig, Georgia State Senator with with KKK group

Gwinnett County Jail own by Private owner (s) and  some Racist Gwinnett Judges, like Carla Brown and others also sending innocent people, mostly minorities and Muslims into jail to make money...US Attorney General must take action against Gwinnett County Jail system.

62 years old man shot and killed by Racist Lilburn Cop (Breaking News)

In 2004 in Gwinnett Jail, an unarmed Black inmate killed by 5- Deputies by Taser gun who was begging for his life "Don't kill me" "man don't kill me" but these Racist, Barbarian Deputies didn't hasitate to took his life, becuase they knew that Sherrif is with them, so they gonna get away from this crime.


Case No. 06-D-06517S3 In Nov. 2006 I was pulled over by Lilburn Police. I was not able to see stop sign because of bushes in front of stop sign. I explained to Police Officer but he gave me ticket even I had clean MVR. I went to Lilburn Municipal Court plea not guilty. Judge transferred this case to Jury Trail. I was waiting for court date but instead of sending me court date, two Cops arrested me middle of the night for not appearing in court and locked me up three days. This is the first time I was arrested in my life. (See attached -1)

Note: Judge Carla Brown who issued warrant is  Gwinnett County Sheriff, Mr. Butch Conway's wife and according to News and ACLU report, they are abusing their power. I was not the only one who did not receive court date, there were also Blacks and Hispanic.

Case No. 09-M-01158 In my subdivision, my Homeowner Association started distributing religious material in subdivision. I posted a sign “No Soliciting” “No post Bill” on my door but when they found out that my wife is Christian and living with Muslim guy they started harassing me and brain washing her. When they did not stop. I stopped paying Homeowner’s dues. They filed lawsuit just for $100. I explained to Judge, but he said; “US is founded by Jews and Christians, so you have to deal with it.” If you don’t like to live in this Subdivision then move somewhere else.” (meaning if you don’t like to live here, go back to your country)
(See attached -2)

Case No. 09-M-3061 in Dec. 2009 a Caucasian man, owner of Atlanta Roofing sued me because I refused to give him roofing contract. I did not sign on a contract but Judge made judgment in favor of him and asked me to pay him $1600 + court fees.  I appealed, but again Gwinnett County failed to send me court date made excuse and sent me a notice “Court automated system failed to generate notice”     (See attached -3)

Case No. 10-D-01954-S5 In Oct. 2009 I and my wife had free checking account in Wachovia (Wells Fargo) Bank, but without our permission, change our account from free checking to crown access checking and started charging service fee. My wife went to this branch two times for refund and they gave us refund right away, because she was Caucasian and when I went to this branch, Bank Manager, Mr. James Harris who has bad temper, blocked my way, started cursing and said;       (see attached 4)
 I won’t give you refund, If you don’t like our service, close your account. If you don’t close your account, I will close your account because I don’t want bad customer in my branch. (meaning if you don't like our service don't come here and go back where you came from)

When I was leaving, Mr. James blocked my way and asked Indian employee, Mr. Tiby Kunjunju Adoor (pic. attached) to lock the main door.  I thought they are going to beat me up.  I said, I am Muslim I don't afraid of you guys“If you hit once, I will hit you 10 times”. The above comments Police didn’t mention in his report and cited me “Disorderly Conduct” just because he was a friend of Police Officer, Mr. Matt or Mathew Price. I filed law suite against Police for making false/one sided report, misrepresenting Bank Manger’s race Latino instead of White and made up a false witness, Ms. Verdi. There is no bank employee or witness, name is MS VERDI.  (See attached -5)

This is interesting that most of Bank employees at this branch were Whites, Blacks, one Korean and a Latino girl but only two Asian-Indians, Mr. Tiby Kunjunju Adoor and Ms. Raji Mamavath helped Police Officer for making false report. I swear the God, I never used a word TERRORISM, WAR or KILLING AMERICANS, but, these Indians gave false statement to Police,  Just because of hate against Pakistani and Muslims.
God clearly says about them in Latest Testament;
“O you believe do not take my enemy (Idolaters) and your enemy (Idolaters) as friends (Quran 60.1)
In other verse (5.82) God says “they are the worse enemy of Believers”
not only to Muslim, God used a word Believers, coz they are the enemies of all Believers.
These are the  statements of God and God does not lie. If anyone has doubt about above verses then (See attached -6)

“India for some time has always used Afghanistan as a second front, and India has over the years financed problems for Pakistan on that side of the border”  (Chuck Hegel, US Defense Secretary) 

Ordinary Pakistani/Afghani believe that US is behind bombing in Sunni or Shia Mosques, but actually Indian & Zionist Government funding terrorists groups to blow up mosques and Schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan and in reaction they attack on US Troops.

When I posted this case online, these Indian employees stole my personal information from checking account, hacked my email, added movie clips about terrorism and  forwarded to FBI (See attached -7)

If I was a bad guy or had to kill Americans, I would start from home. I have lived with my Caucasian American wife more than 10 years. Or If I hate Indians or Hindu I wouldn’t get “thank you” letters from them (See attached -8)

I went to Chief Lilburn Police, Mr. John Davidson and told him that Mr. Matt Price made a false report, but instead of listening, he said, “Go to Attorney and sue us if you can” because he knew, I can’t to anything to him. I couldn’t do nothing, but God punished him, now he won’t be able to find a job as Security Guard in this life. (See attached -9)

I am not the only one who discriminated by Lilburn Police. In 2005 Lilbrun Police department sued by their own Police Officer, Sgt. Portalatin he was the only Latino Police Officer out of 20 Caucasian Officer. (See attached -10)

I was afraid that Gwinnett Court is not going to send me court date and would arrest me again, so after a year when I emailed to Gwinnett County to inquire about my court date, finally I got the response;
From K. Khan <>to  date Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 7:10 PM
Its been almost a year and I did not hear anything about my court date. I found a job in Dubai, because I don't want to live where Police arrest people because of race or color and law only protect one group. to k75khan@gmail.comDate Sep 2, 2010 at 8:21 AM 
Delighted to hear that. Dubai is good fit for you. Please stay there, and stop wasting my time. (meaning go back to your country and don’t come back)

Case No. 10-B-05655-3 Finally I got  Arraignment date and Lilburn Police with help of some DA employees, changed this case (10-D-01954-S5) from “Disorderly Conduct” (Misdemeanor) to “Terroristic Threat” (Felony) to teach me lesson, if I do no withdraw case against Lilburn Police then they will put me in jail for long time. This was indirect threat from Police and DA Office. (See attached -11)

Homeless man shot by Lilburn Cops for stealing Pizza

My Homeowner’s Association complained to City of Lilburn that I rented my house to dozen of people and made my house like a boarding house. A Code Inspector came to my house, he found total 5-people in my six-bed house including me and my wife. He said; according to city law I can not rent my house more then 2 people, so I got rid of 3rd roommate.

In 2008 I rented a room to a Caucasian girl. Later she brought more guys and started smoking Marijuana. When my neighbors saw that I am not taking any action they called me and said if I don’t evict them out, they will call Police and your property would be seized. I told them, my roommate is Caucasian and Police won’t do anything. Finally, I called Police and instead of get them out, one Police officer said,
“If she brings ten guys even if they are on lease or not and whatever she does in her room,  you can not do anything without eviction notice,  if you try to change locks, you will get arrested.”

My roommate and her friends who were begging me not to call Police like a pussycat became lion when they got support from Police and lived free till finally they got notice from Court. (See attached -12)

2nd time I rented a room to an Indian guy, who refused to pay rent and started threatening me that if I call Police or go to court he will teach me a lesson. I called Police but as usual they said, “We can not do nothing as long as he doesn’t touch you.” When Police left my roommate beat me up and finally he got arrested. Police arrested the guy when he beat me up, but when Bank Manager called police they arrested me right away, just because he was Caucasian and his life was more important than me.

In January 2010 I abandoned my beautiful house and moved New York because I was not just getting hate calls/emails, I was also afraid that Lilburn Police would set me up and involved in other case. My Attorney, Mr. Curt Thompson who is also a Senator of District 7, advised me to withdraw case against Lilburn Police, so he would try to drop the charges. When I withdrew the case, he forced me to accept plea and when I refused to accept plea he resigned when he got all my money. (See attached -13)

<> to: Curt Thompson date: Aug 9, 2011 at 4:02 PM
I found a job as Security Officer, but NY licensing dept. asking me about the current status of this case. I haven't received any court date for my case from Gwinnett County and case still pending, so what I supposed to do?

Curt Thompson <> to Aug 9, 2011 at 11:50 PM
I will ask but every time I have asked in the past they have basically not been in a hurry.  They (Gwinnett DA Office) don't like you so if I tell them it's to help you get a job they won't do it. 

<> to Curt Thompson Nov 30, 2011 at 1:49 PM
I won’t accept Plea, because I am innocent.  I will go for trail

Curt Thompson to Nov 30, 2011 at 2:18 PM
And you understand that if you loose you will go to jail for up to 5 years here in Georgia. I want to make it clear that you are taking a huge risk going to trial. The letters you wrote sound very racist at a minimum and that will not help you in your case.  Additionally the notice they sent saying they were seeking "aggravation sentencing" in your case means that they intend to argue for stiffer penalties if you are convicted.

<> to: Curt Thompson <> May 25, 2012, at 9:49 PM,
You could have changed the hearing date, but you just want me to accept plea. You are taking their side not mine. What kind of law you talking about? They can do anything. Two times they failed to send me court date.  I am not going to accept plea coz I am a victim not offender.

Curt Thompson <> to <> May 25, 2012 at 10:24 PM,
I resign as your attorney effective immediately. I will advise the court of the same when we appear on court on the 29th.     Sent from my iPhone

<> to: Curt Thompson <> Jun 18, 2012 at 7:53 PM
I don't have money and I have to go again GA for hearing 4th time then next month for trial. Just because of you I have to go back and forth. On first hearing you disappeared in afternoon and called me to go back NY. On 2nd hearing, you didn't show up. On 3rd hearing you refused to go on trial and kept forcing me to accept plea.  I will file small claim against you and show court the following emails/proofs.

Curt Thompson <> to: <>Jun 19, 2012 at 4:33 PM
You are owed no refund.  I cannot use my position to help you dismiss a case.  I can only act as your attorney.  I will save this and any other emails or postings you do and will file a police report to have you arrested and give the same information to the District Attorneys office if you continue to threaten me.  

Mr. Curt Thompson resigned and refused to give me refund, because he knew that I can not do anything to him in Gwinnett County.  I had to take public defender. He was a nice guy and before the hearing he said, “You know, you (Muslim) people recently killed 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya so do you think Jury will be sympathize to you? I told him that I am innocent, but he kept telling me that its hard to win in Gwinnett because he knew that DA office backing Police and they won‘t let me go on Trial.

If I don’t get justice this time then Racist Police officers like Matt (Mathew) Price will keep making false report and keep backing their family and friends.  Corrupt Solicitors like David Keeton will keep backing these police officer. Indian witness will keep making false statements and keep bringing hate in this country. Politician and Attorney like Mr. Curt Thomason will keep stealing money and keep making fool to their clients, because they know people like us can not win or do anything to them in Gwinnett County.

And if any does that in hate and injustice- soon shall We throw him into the (Hell) Fire; And it is easy for God  (to do)…….Quran (4.30